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Sqairz Footwear

Baseball training shoe

Sqairz Shoes in partnership with iD Evolution

SQAIRZ Shoes in partnership with iD Evolution is excited to announce a technology that will revolutionize the way that baseball and softball players optimize their careers. 

The SQAIRZ Baseball Training Shoe allows players to maximize their ability to have foot to ground contact and optimize their Kinetic Energy Transfer to the ball. In early studies at iD Evolution, players were able to increase their Exit Velocity by an average of 2.6 mph when wearing the SQAIRZ Baseball over wearing a traditional Round Toe Shoe.

Legendary Major League Baseball Hitting Coach and Current Hitting Coordinator Dave Hansen has witnessed first-hand the immediate results of the SQAIRZ Baseball shoes with his professional hitters. The SQAIRZ Baseball Training shoes are exclusively available through iD Evolution.

The SQAIRZ  Baseball allows you to optimize your power through maximizing your ability to use recoil and engage all of the Kinetic Energy potential throughout your entire game. Whether you are a pitcher, hitter, or you want to improve your power output the SQAIRZ Baseball Training shoe will give you your best chance to improve your numbers. In a world where every mph matters, give yourself the best chance to succeed and order your SQAIRZ Baseball Training shoes today!

Chad Miller, Player Innovation and Analysis with iD Evolution, stated that the SQAIRZ Baseball Training Shoe will revolutionize players approaches towards the game. By helping them take advantage of their biomechanical strengths and improve on their weaknesses through the use of their cutting-edge technology.

The Shoes

SQAIRZ Baseball has the widest base and greatest amount of ground coverage of any training shoe to promote better balance, stability and braking power. Braking is done towards the end of the back swing and immediately before you strike the ball.

All Around Security

Silicon painted Sta-Put laces comfortably form the shoes to the top of each foot and secure them in place.

Balance and Stability

SQAIRZ patented square toe design gives your toes and the ball of your foot more space to properly align in the shoe. Better alignment allows for better balance and stability, and more efficient energy transfer where you want it to go into the ball.

Unparalleled Comfort

Whether you’re playing or training, SQAIRZ wider toe box, waterproof design, EVA cushioning, foam-padded collars and tongues and Sta-Put laces will keep you comfortable to the last swing.